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Submit your app to feature on Good Free Apps!

If you have an app and a low advertising budget, you can add your app to Good Free Apps for a low one off payment of $20.

Just like you, we want to promote our apps to help them rank and grow. All of our apps are listed on our site and as we promote the site, we promote all the apps at the same time. Any promotion we do brings visitors to the site who browse through the apps and if they find something they like, they may visit the app store and download the app, which is really good for us!

Just like you, our advertising budget is low and this is a brand new site, it needs a bit of promotion and that can be time consuming. So the idea is this, we get other developers to add their apps to our site for a small fee, that small fee will be used to promote the site to bring in more visitors who may install some of the apps listed, including yours.

To make things that little bit better for the people who help fund the advertising, $20 will get you a permanent listing. We will download your app, check it out, use it and write a quick intro, add screenshots, add the app logo, copy your store listing and put a link back to the store listing, so the potential user will understand exactly what they are getting and can easily install your app via the app store. If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo, we can add that too, the more content you can provide, the more people will find your app.

On our site, all listings are displayed randomly, you will at some point and probably many times feature on the homepage and carousel. The popular apps are listed in the sidebar, they are ranked by page views. Each app page has share buttons in a prominent place to help get some real social visitors and spread the word on social networks across the web. If your app has many page views, it will be displayed on the sidebar, including the homepage and every page of the site.

Your listing will also be posted onto our Facebook page and will remain at the top of the page until another app is submitted.

For $20 you will get a lifetime listing on this site, lots of site exposure on many pages including homepage views, link back to your app store listing plus all the promotion we do on the site will help bring visitors to your app. Also, the domain name we chose is very well linked to the niche we are trying to promote together, it might rank quite well for a good search term to get many more visitors to your app(s).

To submit your app to be listed on Good Free Apps, please send payment via the Paypal button below. You can either add a note to the payment with your app URL, (Google Play or App Store) or send an email after payment with your transaction ID, app URL and any other info you would like added to the listing via our contact form. Please allow up to 5 days for your listing to go live so we can install and use your app before we create the listing page. After the page has been created, you can request any changes to be made for free for the first time, after that, it is $5 each time you want to change something with your listing as it does take time to do, so please make sure you include all the content you want to provide first time.


We look forward to partnering with you at Good Free Apps and wish you the best of luck for the future!