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Great iPhone app for Halloween

Great iPhone app for Halloween

Horror app that you will love for Halloween!

When you are out trick or treating this Halloween, make sure you take your iPhone with you! Our latest app is Horror Stickers, which is a sticker app using transparent realistic and scary stickers.

Take a photo and put a ghost or spooky entity into your photo easily. You can rotate and resize each horror sticker to create a realistic ghost photo. Show you friends and pretend that you caught something real and scary on your photo! Keep the prank going for as long as you can. Your friends will think it is a real photo!

Our Horror Sticker app is free to download and works on all iPhones, iPads and iPods. You can choose from 60 stickers to turn your photos into a scary image.

Below is a video of the app in action on an iPad mini

This video was taken quickly and is just a guide on how the app works and the general functions. The photo was taken in daylight for clarity purposes. When you take a photo at nighttime or in a dark place, the horror stickers look a lot more realistic.

Pranks you can play with Horror Stickers on halloween

There are many things you can do when you have created a horror photo.

1, If you do it really fast, show your friends and make them think it just happened. Watch their faces, they will look as though they have seen a real ghost!

2, Go to a family or friends house and take a photo of a window frame or door. Add one of the ghost heads or full bodied spirits to the outside of the window or door. Get it to fit perfectly using rotate and resize. On the next day, show your prank victim the photo and they will think their house is haunted!

3, Upload any creation to a social network and watch the discussion unfold as your followers debate whether it´s real or not. Most cases, people will think it´s real, if you don´t normally play pranks.

Horror Stickers Title

Horror Stickers Launch Image


Get Horror Stickers app now from iTunes, it is free and an essential for Halloween!


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