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Go Emoji


Are you looking for a good Pokemon Go alternative that is both fun and easy to play? Try Go Emoji and see how many emojis you can catch at famous landmarks throughout the United Kingdom. Have fun and discover new places at the same time!


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Go Emoji - Catch Emojis & Discover New Places

Thousands of Emojis have escaped and are all over cities in the United Kingdom! Your job is to catch them using your iPad or iPhone, earning points for each emoji you catch.

All emojis have been places around popular landmarks in the top 10 major cities in the UK. Emoji Go will not only provide fun competing against other players to catch the most emojis and earn the most points but also help you discover new interesting places to visit that you may never have known existed.

If you are a new visitor to one of the cities listed in this app, drop the travel guide and have fun discovering fantastic attractions and catching emojis at the same time.

This app uses GPS to track emojis, scan and see if there are any emojis wherever you are. Get as close as you can to the emoji and catch it with your device.

Emojis will show up on a real map when nearby, it is very simple to catch them, but first you must get close to them and simply tap on them to add them to your caught emojis.

You will find Emojis in all of the busiest cities around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Emojis have different points, earn points for each one you catch and try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

When you catch an emoji, it is yours and will disappear off the map, no one else can catch that emoji from where you caught it from.

Each day, new emojis will escape and appear all around cities across the UK for you to catch.

This game is currently limited to the United Kingdom only, however, more countries will be added in time.

You will find Emojis to catch in the following cities.


When you use this app, you will find that most emojis are placed around points of interest and popular attractions. This app could help you discover new places and things to do in each city.

Get outside, get some exercise, get fresh air and have fun catching emojis!



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