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Emoji Flip


Test out your reaction speed and endurance ability with this flip game using male and female emojis. Play against other people and compete for the highest score on the leaderboard.


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Emoji Flip

Emoji Flip is a simple but highly addictive leaderboard game.

How long can you last?

As the emojis are falling through the sky, flip the bottom emojis to match the falling ones. This may sound easy but really this game is a game of resilience, the longer you last the more points you get.

You have to match the girl to the girl and boy to the boy emojis as quickly as you can, but can you concentrate long enough to beat the highest score?

Compete with your family, friends and strangers for the highest score on the live leaderboard. Can you get to the top in this endless emoji flipping game?

Only the fastest and most resilient minds will get to the top, see where you rank amongst the best minds in the world!



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