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Christmas Stickers & Paint


This is a great app for Christmas!

Create festive photos with free Christmas stickers and paint!

Add some sparkle and festive feel to your Christmas photos and share them with family and friends on social networks. Take a photo or choose from your gallery and add as many stickers as you like. Choose from up to 60 stickers, rotate, resize and bring to front or back easily.

There is an added paint function to draw freely on your creations. When done, tap to share with friends on your favourite social network or download to your device to keep in the gallery.

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Christmas Stickers & Paint

Add some Christmas sparkle to your Xmas photos with this sticker app. Featuring beautiful festive stickers that you can add to your Christmas photos with ease.

Choose from up to 60 fantastic Christmas themed stickers to create the perfect Xmas photos to share with your friends on social media sites.

Not only does this app have an abundance of festive stickers it also allows you to draw on your photos to add a little bit more customisation.

Take a photo or choose from your gallery. Choose as many stickers as you like. Resize, rotate and bring to front or back to get perfect positioning.

When you are ready to share your creation, tap the share button to download it to your device or share instantly on your favourite social network.